What Should Be The Length Of Your Ibogaine Therapy?

Most of the Ibogaine treatment offers a variety of treatments for patients. It includes yoga, meditation and much more. But there are various treatment options that provide treatment ranges from three days to one month. Then choosing the most effective retreat length for your drug and opiate addiction treatment is an overwhelming task. You can navigate to avanteibogaine.com/treatment-reviews-testimonials/ to know the reviews of people who have experienced Ibogaine therapy before.

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Following are the factors helps you to decide the length of Ibogaine treatment suits you best:

  • Ability to pre-screening test

Every ibogaine therapy centre conduct pre-screening test before starting actual medication. This usually includes:

  1. Blood test
  2. Urine test
  3. An EKG
  4. Full medical history

This test helps to ensure whether you can safely undergo Ibogaine therapy or not. If an infection is found, you may not be allowed to undergo this treatment. If all these treatments are done from a local physician then the length of your Ibogaine therapy shorten to 5-7 days instead of 10 days.

  • Access To Pre-Treatment Counselling

If you are mentally and physically prepared for Ibogaine therapy, then it is proved to be most effective. Pre-treatment counselling can help you to deal with anxiety and improve the long-term effectiveness of your treatment.

  • If you are currently on any medications

There are several medications that will interact poorly with Ibogaine by either reducing its effectiveness or putting you in a physically challenging situation. The length of your detox treatment depends on what medication you are currently taking but you should plan for an extra 7-14 days before you can begin therapy.

Taking these things into consideration, you can choose the best length of Ibogaine treatment. However, you are still unsure about it, you should consult your doctor who can help assess your addiction and give you the best option to treat your drug addiction.

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