What Types of Maintenance Does Your Car Need?

There are various services and inspections that your car needs in order to continue running well. As a responsible car owner, you should know these services. After all, not only does the health of your car depend on it but also the safety of yourself and others you meet on the road. Some services are considered normal maintenance, while others are carried out to optimize car performance and extend car life.

Some of the services considered routine maintenance are 30/60 / 90K Scheduled Maintenance, Tune-Up Service, Complete Oil and Lube Service, Rotation and Tire Balance. Each service focuses on different parts of the car that need to be cared for frequently. You can get to know more about diff repairs in Sydney via searching online.

30/60 / 90K Scheduled Maintenance takes place every 30.60, and 90 thousand miles are consumed by cars. When this service is performed, the engine oil will be drained and replaced. The filter will also be replaced.

Tune-Up services, on the other hand, occur every two years. During those two years, some parts of the car tend to wear out and need repair or replacement to prevent more loss of performance. Sometimes it's just a matter of adjusting a particular car system to ensure continued proper operation.

Oli and Lube Full Service are as important as regular Tune-Up, if not more. In full-service oil and lubes, your old oil will be replaced and replaced with up to 5 liters of new oil. They also include Wiper Blade Replacement and visible battery checks.

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