When You May Need Emergency Tree Removal Service & What To Do

There's nothing quite as stunning as the beauty of the autumn landscape of Marietta with its stunning colors and changing leaves. The beauty of the fall foliage could only indicate that winter is just close by as winter is often brutal on the trees surrounding your home in Marietta.

For trees that have been damaged due to disease, age, or injuries the weight of snow and ice could pose a serious risk for your home and everyone living there. If these trees pose an immediate security risk it is time to call for emergency tree removal services in Marietta

emergency tree removal Marietta GA

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You're going over what you have to know when you require urgent tree removal services. 

Postponing Removal Of Tree

In general, it's best to consider investing in tree removal services before an emergency. If trees fall and branches split and fall, the weight of those branches can reach hundreds of pounds. 

Be aware of these warning signs that your trees must be cut down to avoid a tree-related emergency.

1. Dead Branches

It's not unusual for trees with dead or dying branches. However, when branches are dead, they should be removed as soon as possible. Plan tree trimming services immediately in Marietta.

2. Hollow Trunks

A tree may have hollow trunks, however, its structure could be damaged and it could cause an unsafe situation in Marietta. If you remove trees that have a hollow trunk could result in the death of the tree exposed to extreme weather conditions.

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