You Can Make Truffle Salt at Home Or in a Restaurant Supply Store

In the Parmigiano-Reggiano making industry, there is an accepted version of the culinary legend "the power of truffles." It's from an Italian cookbook, written over a century ago. It was called the "Parmigiano-Reggiano Recipe Book." According to this version, a student at a French Culinary Institute complained that she couldn't taste a thing in her truffles.

That is, until one of her fellow students bought her some black truffle sea salt. She quickly added a piece of truffle salt to her truffles, and just like magic, tasted something very different.

That precious substance from which this entire commercial enterprise is made? Truffles. Truffles are tiny brown seeds. The reason they are so tiny is that the water content is very low when they are mature.

Those are the little seeds, just waiting to be cooked into this delectable salty delight. Once these truffles have been roasted, they take on a flavor all their own. This is why the seasoning is so incredibly delicious and quite rich.

One of the secrets to making delicious truffle salt is to avoid using white table salt. Not only does the salt has a very low flavor, it also tends to crystallize.

That means that if you put the same amount of white table salt on your kitchen counter that you do for a large pan of truffles, you will find that the salt will look like truffles. This is not what you want when you are making a homemade truffle salt dish.

So use black truffle salt. There is nothing better than the classic gray salt that has a flavor all its own.

You can make truffle salt at home, or you can buy truffle salt in a restaurant supply store. If you want a more traditional approach, then go for the French table salt that is also called Parmesan. The addition of a little truffle salt makes the salt just as great as the traditional table salt.

An authentic truffle comes from Italy. But, if you find yourself searching high and low for authentic truffles, you should know that there are many different types of truffles.

Black truffle salt can be used in a cream sauce, as an ingredient in pasta, or with chicken and seafood dishes. Another truffle, the white truffle, can be combined with smoked salmon and baked salmon, in order to make the best truffle pie that has ever been created.

The technique of baking truffles in a wood fired oven can create a deliciously rich taste in the truffle salt. When prepared properly, the truffle salt can be used to great effect with just about any type of food. It is best to not add the truffle salt to food that it may not taste good with, as it can change the flavor of foods that are more delicate.

If you enjoy truffles, or truffle salted pastas, then you will love the aroma that a properly prepared truffle salt gives off. Nothing adds such a wonderful aroma to a meal.

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