RV Roof Repair and Restoration

With so many products available to repair or restore recreational vehicle roofs, it can sometimes be difficult to make the right decision.

Your trailer or RV roof is the only thing separating you from the elements, and the product you repair or restore ultimately affects the life of your device and the fun you experience during that life. You can get the best repair service for your RV by browsing this site in Concord, NC.

RV Roof Repair Services: Collision & Maintenance Experts

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There are proven systems that offer many advantages beyond the basic ability to seal leaks.

These benefits include the ability to reflect solar heat, the ability to withstand continuous movement without cracking, resistance to cracking and chipping, impact resistance, the ability to withstand wide temperature changes, and resistance to contaminant accumulation.

A system combining woven polymer tape with a 100% acrylic elastomeric coating can solve all of the above problems. This system can be used by those with simple painting skills and professional results can be expected.

This layer is also bonded with woven polymer tape and other roofing surfaces to form a seamless waterproof membrane. If you have an EPDM rubber membrane roof, there are special primers that provide excellent adhesion to the above systems.

100% acrylic elastomeric coatings can be applied directly to aluminum and fiberglass roofs without a primer. The preparation consists of removing dirt, oily residue, old coatings, and sealants that are showing signs of peeling or damage.

Keep in mind that your topcoat is just as good as your undercoat in terms of adhesion, so removing poorly adhered coatings and sealers is a must.

It is recommended to wash under pressure or clean with a top brush and degreaser. A woven polymer tape is then applied to all seams and around any objects protruding through the roof.

Do not apply the coating if severe frost, rain, or thaw is expected within the next 24 hours.

The system is fully cured 24 hours after application and provides leak protection for 20 years or more.

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