Advanced ECG Simulator Wave Outputs For Sophisticated Patient Simulations

Here we focus on four functions of the high-end ECG simulator for more extensive patient simulation.

Blood pressure chart

Some patient monitors require that simulated blood pressure be included in the simulated ECG. An incisional probe is usually used to get a blood pressure reading. They can be simulated in conjunction with the standard form of the cardiac ECG.

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Breathing pattern

Adding a separate simulated airway can be useful with some high-end EKG emulator devices.

Since breathing and heart rate are critical to supplying cells with the oxygen they need, adding airways to simulate respiratory functions such as apnea or respiratory arrest is very useful.

Blood temperature model

Some high-quality ECG emulators can add a channel to measure blood temperature. It is clear that blood temperature is one of the most important and important vital signs in some patient simulators.

Electric noise model

In real life, there is electrical noise all around us. One of the important noise components is 60 Hz noise in electrical installations of buildings in the United States and 50 Hz noise in Europe.

This noise, as well as other noise, possibly microwave noise from cell phones and wireless networks, can reasonably be fed into the main ECG emulator signal.

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