Choose The Best BB Cream For Your Skin

BB Cream (abbreviated "Beauty Balm" or "Spot Balm") is a makeup product that functions as a primer, moisturizer and foundation for light coverage at the same time. This multitasking product originally came from South Korea to fulfill Korean women's love of makeup which also functions as skin care.

Today there are a million different formulations of BB creams with different skin care benefits. While most still stick to the original all-in-one foundation, moisturizer, and layer in one product, and known as best skin firming cream some brands have branched out to include other skin care and color-correcting ingredients.

body firming cream

Following are the benefits of BB cream to your skin:

1. BB cream is ideal for cases where you want to look beautiful in seconds. This could be an impromptu board meeting, a last-minute meeting, or an impromptu shopping plan with friends.

2. A good choice is for women with sensitive skin who cannot apply makeup. BB cream is not comedogenic. This means that it does not clog the skin pores. It also has soothing properties, making it useful for sensitive skin.

3. Women with combination skin can safely use this cream. This cream blends well into oily T-zones and gives a matte feel. This way your skin doesn't look shiny or greasy.

4. BB creams are ideal for people with near-perfect skin. This cream works as a tinted moisturizer offering light to medium coverage to hide blemishes and lines here and there.

5. Since the coating is clean, you can skip applying foundation. This cream makes makeup look natural. Just brush your eyes with plenty of mascara and apply fruity lip gloss to your grumpy head. Then you're ready to rock all day.

6. BB cream makes a great base if you want to wear heavy makeup. Apply the cream as a base and rub a little on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Mix evenly. Then apply foundation or permanent make-up compactly. The foundation glides smoothly on surfaces cremated with balm.

Use skin care products that are appropriate for your skin's age and needs. It is unwise to follow friends or family members. Your skin is different, and so is the rate of aging. Nobody but you is in a better position to know if your skin likes BB creams or other skin care products.


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