Green Lights are Back and Better Than Ever!

RIGID Radiance Series LED lights have been a standard in the industry for many years. RIGID Radiance Series LED lights are a top-of-the-line product. They offer outstanding performance and design. You can now find the best RGBW LED at Color Lighting by LIGMAN.

Assessing China's Green Lights Program

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RIGID Radiance Series has been able to meet the demands of off-road drivers with its versatility. The new RADIANCE + SR-Series adds to that versatility. Best of all, the green light is back and even better than ever!

Do you need a single-row light for an Off-Road project? Are you looking to replace your floodlights with white LEDs? You want a new RGBW LED Light Bar to mount on the top of your truck. This light bar will give you eight different backlighting options with the flick of a switch. 

There will be seven colors available: Red, Green and Blue, Light Blues, Purples, Amber, and White. Yes! That's right. Green Light is back! 

To all those who have been asking questions about the discontinued green light? When will the green lights return? RIGID's new and improved LED Light Bar has been announced. It features a GREEN backlight option. Off-Roading is now even better. This is great news. This is the end of your search for that elusive green light bar.

Radiance Plus SR-Series now comes in 10-20, 40-40 and 50-inch sizes. It also fits all existing RIGID SR-Series mounting options. This light bar is ideal for off-road enthusiasts who want the legendary quality, high performance, reliability, and great appearance that RIGID is famous for. It is also affordable for everyone.

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