How Chiropractic Care Helps In Neck Pain

It is common to have a stiff, painful neck. Neck pain can be caused by a sudden injury, such as a head injury, a blow to the head, or an auto accident. Others feel the pain slowly build up. Another group might feel stiff and have sudden neck pain.

People with immediate neck pain after an accident know the source. If neck pain is gradual and gradually increasing, those who experience it may be able to trace the source to their daily activities at work or to their sleeping habits. Navigate this website to get a consultation for chiropractic. 

The neck can be stressed by daily work tasks such as sitting at a computer or typing and having your neck bent forward. People who sleep on their stomachs, or with the wrong pillow, can also cause problems in the neck. 

People who wake up in pain one morning may have suffered from minor or major injuries to their necks that were left untreated.

Most cases of pain and discomfort result from problems at the spinal bones in your neck. The "cervical spine" is a term doctors use to refer to the bones in the neck.

The fact is that every bone in the neck creates a joint with both the bones above and below. These joints are known as facet joints. Facet joints must be able to move freely in order for normal neck movement. 

Sometimes, however, they may become misaligned or move in an incorrect manner. These problems can cause pain-sensitive nerves to become sensitive and irritate the neck, shoulder, upper back, and neck.


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