How To Choose Siding For Luxury Homes In Florida

If you are thinking about hiring a siding installation company in Jacksonville, this article will help you choose the best material for your luxury home.

The benefits of fiber cement siding include durability and weather resistance, but you may wonder if it can truly replace the classic look of wood siding or cater to your unique architectural needs. The Artisan line by James Hardie was designed with luxury homes in mind, and it offers the following options to cater to a variety of homes:

Color. James Hardie specializes in creating lasting colors that resist fading over time. The company's ColorPlus process uses proprietary technology combining fiber cement with baked-on pigment to create color that's as durable as fiber cement siding itself. Colors are available in a variety of shades specific to the housing styles in your region, and color integrity ensures you can always replace or add to your existing James Hardie siding.

Shadow Lines. The Artisan Lap line of James Hardie siding features distinctive, deep shadow lines between boards that contribute to a home's appearance while protecting it with durable, weather- and fire-resistant material. Artisan Lap boards can also be painted to fit your color needs.

Texture. Many owners of luxury homes want to retain the classic look of wood siding, and the Artisan Lap line can mimic the look of wood with textured boards. While wood is susceptible to warping and weather damage, Artisan Lap textured boards are durable and come with a 30-year limited warranty.

Accent Trim. Artisan Accent Trim brings the advantages of fiber cement to your home's decorative accents, so you don't have to choose between durability and appearance.

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