How To Use Aftercare Spray To Clean Piercing

During the healing process, secretions from the piercing often dry on the jewelry and around the entrance and exit points of the piercing. Clean and treat aftercare 1 to 3 times a day is important.

We recommend using an aftercare product, such as aftercare piercing spray. The benefit of using this product is that it is quickly absorbed into the pores to increase the ability of skin cells to heal faster from the inside out. To get more details about Piercing Aftercare Spray you may see it here.

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While all wound irrigations are pure saline, some wound irrigations add ingredients. Some of these ingredients are believed to help relieve certain symptoms. However, these additives are dangerous for piercings.

When buying a wound cleanser for a piercing, make sure it doesn't contain anything other than pharmaceutical water and sodium chloride (salt). Even some wound conditioners made specifically for post-treatment piercings contain added ingredients. They should be avoided as they can cause irritation which can prolong healing.

Pay attention to the wound dressing you use. Even if your piercing offers wound irrigation, double-check that it doesn't contain any additives. There are several piercing conditioners on the market that are considered dangerous for piercings, but some unidentified piercings still recommend them.

Using wound wash for piercing aftercare makes cleaning your piercing quite easy. Simply spray the wound wash directly onto the piercing 2 – 3 times a day, and let it dry.

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