Maximizing Efficiency of Aircraft Spray Booths

Makers of aircraft and aerospace components face the serious challenge of balancing relatively high expenses with a need for consistent quality. Achieving this balance is particularly important when choosing spray and finish systems, as they play a crucial role throughout the production process.

Booths represent a significant portion of operating costs in some production environments, so greater efficiency here can provide a serious boost to a company's bottom line. You can also look for the best aircraft paint booths at

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Choosing the Right Size and Shape Aircraft Paint Booth

The dimensions of spray booths are rarely flexible, which means operators need to carefully consider their needs when deciding the size and shape they want.

Aircraft paint booths are usually much higher and wider than those used in other industries, especially if they are used to finish or maintain a vehicle's finish. Some manufacturers eliminate some open space at their booth with contouring sides and ceilings for a comfortable fit or craft section.

Basically, the goal when the size of the spray booth is to find the most compact size that will not limit the operation of current or future. It can be a little tricky, as businesses need to anticipate their future needs at least a few years in advance.

There are dozens of types of compounds and finished spray is used in a variety of aircraft and aerospace applications, including both powder and liquid. Depending on the type of materials used, some kiosk can be equipped with a filtration system that recycles reclaimed some unused coating compound.

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