Showdown between Organic and Non-Organic Foods


There are a lot of debates in the world on the topic of organic and inorganic food. Some say that organic food is better while others prefer inorganic food. Before the differences are mentioned, let’s look at some of the basic information about them.

  • Organic Food – Organic food or foods are those produced by the use of natural compound such as weeds, manure and compost. This type of food does not involve the use of chemicals. The food produced by this method involves the use of techniques such ashand wedding, crop rotation, mulching and tilling. For the removal of attracted pests present, it is removed by natural methods such as birds, insects and even traps.
  • Non-Organic Food – Non-organic food or foods are those produced by the use of chemical fertilizers such as pesticides, herbicides etc.The weeds used for the production of non-organic foods require the use of chemical herbicides. Even for the removal of pests and insects, synthetic pesticides are used for it.

Conclusion – if you had to compare between the two, organic foods has more advantage over non-organic. These are 3 reasons as to how organic food wins over its competitor.

  • Organic farming helps to maintain the soil fertility allowing the food to grow naturally.
  • Organic food makes sure that energy is conserved and less number of waste is produced.
  • Organic food is known to contain high content of nutrients making the food more healthy and delicious as well.
  • Organic food requires the use of manure allowing animals to grow naturally and remain healthy.

With the help of organic farming, producing organic fruit in Brisbane is not a problem.

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