Using Auger For Sale To Dig Holes Faster

If you want to construct a fence, renting an auger will move your project along quite quickly. With an auger, you can dig up to thirty holes a day, and you can make sure that the shape and size of those holes are consistent and uniform. You can also buy auger accessories for sale by browsing to

The powered auger is a large, gas-fueled tool with a screw running up the outside of a pipe-like core. As the auger moves into the ground, the dirt is carried up the screw with each rotation. You can dig 4-, 6-, 8-, or 12-inch diameter holes, up the 3 feet deep with a standard auger, and up to four feet deep with an extension rod.

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It is also a good idea to carefully map out your holes before you begin digging. Changing the location or position of holes once you have begun is nearly impossible. Mark the center of each hole with a stake. Once you are sure about the location and spacing of your holes, dig a pilot hole with a spade or shovel. This will provide a starting point for your auger.

As you drill your holes, you will need to shut off the auger and remove the dirt after every 12 inches or so; any longer and it will be too heavy to lift. Dump the dirt on the grass or use a tarp to protect your lawn. If your next hole is only a few feet away, feel free to leave the auger on as you move it; otherwise, shut it off first. Operating a power auger is hard work, but it is worth it for the time you save.

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