What Is The Blockchain?

Blockchain is an undeniable discovery that practically revolutionized the global business market. Its development has brought better benefits not only for companies but also for beneficiaries. However, because this is a revelation for the world, the vision for operational activities is still unclear. The main question discussed by everyone is: What is Blockchain?

For starters, Blockchain technology functions as a platform that allows the transmission of digital information without risk copy. On the one hand, it laid a strong foundation for the type of new internet space. To get more information about blockchain visit https://www.supercolony.net/.

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Initially developed for Bitcoin to explain the algorithmic function, hash function, and digital signature properties for non-experts, technology fans now find other possible applications from this perfect discovery that can open the way for full discovery. Processing business transactions throughout the world.

Blockchain, defined in all things, is a type of algorithm and data allocation structure for electronic money management without central administrative intervention programmed to record all financial transactions and whatever value.


Blockchain can be understood as a distributed book technology that was originally developed to support Bitcoin Cryptocurrency. After sharp criticism and rejection, the technology is redesigned for more productive use.

Imagine a table whose ranting sometimes rose on several computer systems to get clear images. Then imagine this network updates this table from time to time. It's like a blockchain.

Information stored in Blockchain is a sheet that is released, data is compared from time to time. This is a practical method that has many advantages. Blockchain data is not in the same place. This means that all stored there can be controlled and inspected by the public. In addition, there are no central storage platforms that can be hacked by hackers. In fact, it can be accessed by more than one million computer systems side by side, and the data can be seen by anyone with an internet connection.

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