How to Add Life to Small Urban Settings Using Garden Pots?

By following a few guidelines, you can easily start a successful container garden from scratch. One reason gardeners like them is because of the flexibility the container has.

Not only are they beautiful, they are also attractive and, in the case of urban environments, your only choice might be to plant everything in a garden pot. To know more about the air pruning pots, you can browse the web.

Make the Right Choice for Containers

You should try to have variations in the size of your pot. Some larger pots (say three or four) are followed by several medium pots and then several smaller pots. If you choose a large, brightly colored pot, this will definitely draw your attention to that area – which is fine if that's what you want to achieve.

Location, Location, Location

Start with a bigger pot about two to three feet high, if you have room. This will act as a focal point that really catches your attention. You can also try placing a large pot in an existing focal point area such as, next to a permanent pole, with an important piece of furniture, or in a corner. 

Place several medium-sized pots next to the bigger pots. Now you have a bigger pot where you want it. When you place a medium-sized pot, try to imagine how the trailing plant from a larger pot will look. This can help you determine where they are going. Two to three carefully placed media pots should be sufficient.

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