Network Cabling Solutions – Traffic Analyzers

Datatrend Technologies is now trying to measure and analyze customer behavior and footfall traffic. This network and cabling infrastructure services provider have expanded its structured network cabling solutions portfolio to include traffic analyzers. A traffic analyzer is a kind of foot traffic measurement system, kind of like a people counter, but it includes the report and analysis of traffic data, often through a managed service.

Network cabling solutions are popular among retailers and other organizations that need to measure and analyze their customer's behavior and footfall traffic to better understand sales opportunities, determine the effectiveness of network cabling services, and to try to improve labor allocation efficiencies.

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A traffic analyzer doesn't just count people or foot traffic. It calculates sales conversion rates, identifies peak selling hours and seasons, determines total sales opportunity and decreases revenue leakage, and compares store performance locally, regionally, and nationally to an available market.

To operate correctly, traffic analyzers need a well designed and properly installed structured network and cabling infrastructure. Datatrend Technologies has long been providing a myriad of network cabling systems and applications. They offer point of sale, energy monitoring and management, digital signage, video surveillance systems, electronic queuing systems, and property management Systems. They have added traffic analyzers to their well-stocked portfolio.

Their main goal is to help companies leverage their technology expertise and solutions to better serve their IT environments and enhance their business. Datatrend prides itself on being able to tackle each customer's needs individually, with relentless attention to detail, and an efficient approach. 

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